June 20, 2019

Kim works on women's well-being...


One of the secrets to living the good life, is giving. Whether it’s giving time, giving support, donating money, or in the case of Kim Pausina from Devonport’s Premium Real Estate, giving clothing. A long-time Devonport local, Kim is passionate about seeing women get the tools they need to re-enter the workforce and gain financial independence. It’s for this reason she’s been working with the Auckland Branch of Dress for Success collecting quality used business clothes to gift to the women who need them most.


As primary sponsor for Devonport’s Fashion on the Wharf event, Kim’s passion for helping others was quickly connected to this exciting new event, ensuring that 10% of ticket sales goes to this worthy charity. We catch up with Kim to find out more…



Kim, tell us a little about yourself and what you do in Devonport…


I am a true local and passionate about all things Devonport and what this beautiful seaside village has to offer. I have lived here most of my life, aside from a stint living in Hong Kong and for me Devonport will always have a place in my heart. I have been fortunate enough to put my skill set and passion for all things property to good use and love to help people on their journey through buying and selling property. I have had good success to date having been awarded Number 1 in the Premium Real Estate Devonport office two years running as I enter my fourth year in the industry.


What is it that you love about Devonport?


Devonport is home to me, I grew up here, attended the local schools and my parents held their own real estate business and so we were known to many. I love Devonport for its community spirit, creative roots, and the lifestyle advantages this gorgeous suburb has to offer. My children now have the opportunity to follow these same footsteps and create lasting friends and memories that we all hold dear. I believe Devonport is a destination, and once you arrive and experience all Devonport has to offer, you will be hard pressed to find little else that compares in terms of lifestyle and proximity to Auckland city. 


You’re a sponsor of Devonport latest event Fashion on the Wharf – what was it that attracted you to this event?


I love to support local events and be involved at the grass roots, my personal passion for this combined with the interest to support local businesses, being a local business myself, is probably what initially attracted my interest. Working to help promote the local retail businesses combined with the fashion and charitable angle was most certainly a drawcard. I believe this event will be a huge success and hope it is the first of many!


Many people will be aware that you are a supporter of the charity Dress for Success. What is it about this particular charity that drew you to it?


Again, it is about showing support and I love the fact women are given the opportunity to feel good about their presentation, which in turn, helps build confidence particularly when re-entering the workforce. By donating quality clothing and accessories these women who normally have very little resources, or the ability to present well, are given the opportunity through the charity of others. I love the fact that through other people’s generosity I am able to help and promote this great charitable organisation.


Are there any positive stories that have come out of the work done with Dress for Success?

The local response has been incredible, I am so grateful to many of the women in Devonport for not only recognising the value of this charity but also willing to make donations and spread the word. Keep up the good work ladies and a personal thank you!


What are some ways people can support this charity?

Premium Real Estate in Devonport is the local drop off point, all good quality woman’s clothing, shoes, bags and accessories are gladly received and passed along to the charity for distribution to those in need. 

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