March 3, 2021

Devonport Businesses Need your Help! 💝

Here we are, yet again, in another Level 3 lockdown in Auckland.  Having done this a few times now, Devonportians, Aucklanders and, really, all Kiwis are trying to stay positive, keep active and support their neighbours - individuals and businesses alike.

Right now our businesses are again locking arms to be part of the solution to keep our community safe, healthy and happy and now they need your support in return! That support does not have to cost a's the small acts that add up...A List of businesses operating (in-person as essential or online) at Alert Level 3!

Exercise & Fuel:

Head out for your stroll on one of Devonport’ amazing beaches. Alone, with your your family or your four-legged friend, Narrow Neck, Cheltenham and Devonport Village offer breathtaking views that will help clear your mind. Grab your rod and reel for some quiet fishing at Devonport Wharf. Take in the sunrise/set from Takarunga or Maungauika and allow the beauty of the world to invigorate your soul. 

While out, grab a coffee and a pie from your favourite local café. Give yourself permission not to cook tonight and maybe order a little extra than you normally would for leftovers tomorrow.

Retail Therapy:

With your tummy is happily satiated, jump online and check out our retailers who are packaging and discounting clothing, home decor, DIY options, crafting supplies, books and so much more. SOS Café:SOS Business is still a great way to pre-purchase and share gift certificates. Do you know all the hidden gem businesses we have in Devonport? Head 👉 for a List of Devonport Businesses.  

And in the meantime, continue to make that fitness membership payment, keep paying for the weekly treatments you receive, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and milestones with gift cards, flowers or chocolates. Don’t cancel that layby purchase if you don’t have to and maybe, just maybe even deliver a treat or a card to your favourite businesses owners, just show you’re thinking of them.


Sing Those Praises:

This is a BIG ONE, with an unforeseeable ripple effect! If you buy/find something you LOVE...if you received above and beyond service, if you received a "freebie" or an "add on"...Shout It Out! Don't underestimate the power of an online review! 

Yes..take that foodie picture or selfie (or not) and post it to your Local Community Page (HERE is just one of Devonports)...our community wants to celebrate with you and support too.

BUT...make sure you also post that review to Google, to that businesses social media platforms. Days, weeks, months from now when we are again allowed regional, domestic and ultimately international visitors, those reviews are what people/shoppers are going to see. Give those reviews your me...they make a difference. 


Stay Connected:

There are many creative ways to stay connected!
- Order coffee and dessert or tea and scones from one of Devonport’s fabulous cafés – get one for yourself, have one delivered to a friend (or two)…THEN pick up the phone, chat and enjoy together!
- Put the kids to bed, have your friends order takeaways and host a watch-party of your favourite prime time or online shows.
- Order yourself beautiful stationary, find a piece of grass in Windsor Reserve or along Queen’s Parade and write letters to old friends and family.  

Connection is just as much in the mind as it is in body and there’s no more beautiful a place to draw inspiration than Devonport’s landscapes.


Have Fun:

Harness your inner creativity and child! There are plenty of ways to keep you and your family entertained within your own four walls.
- Pull out an old puzzle, board game, card game OR shop online for a new one.
- Grab yourself a few e-books or audio books from Auckland Libraries online and dive into fantastic stories. Want the real thing? Reach out to one of Devonport’s book shops…most are willing to deliver books for your reading pleasure!
- Use the time to declutter or finish that DIY project. Need materials? Many locals and businesses are set up for local delivery!

Stay strong, stay healthy, remain kind and look out for one another! Reach out to your retail favourites, don’t be afraid to try new ones and together WE WILL emerge with stronger and more connected communities.

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