February 25, 2019

Sorting Your Computers: Bit by Bit


Given the dependency people have on technology, it ought to be mandatory for every town centre to have a local tech-fix-it guy. Ours is the self-described ‘big-hearted Northerner’ Karl, who probably knows almost every local who has previously suffered an urgent tech-glitch or broken mobile screen.

We asked Karl to tell us a little about himself, his business Clean Green Computer, and what we can do to better look after our gadgets.

You’re clearly not from these parts, Karl, what’s your story? I’m from Horwich, near Bolton in Lancashire. I’ve been here since 2003, raised 2 kids and started Clean Green Computers in 2011. I’ve been at this site (back of the Post Office) since 2013.

After 30 years of working on the corporate circuit, I wanted a life change. I’m a great believer in community and small business. Being part of the Devonport community is a fantastic opportunity to be part of something unique and far more personal. Here the people, both customers and my neighbouring retailers, are brilliant people. It’s a great place to be.  

In 30+ years of fixing gadgets, what can you tell us about preserving the lives of our computers and mobiles? Like cars, computers need a checkup every few years. The best fix is a physical check - get the fans and exhausts cleaned or the malware removed to speed things up.  Best upgrades to all computers/laptops is to put in a solid state drive (SSD) which boosts performance 5-10. times.  Mobiles just need a decent soft gel case, a glass cover and a bit of care!

What sorts of things can you fix? I can fix most computer and laptop problems; replace screens and hard drives, recover lost data, speed things up generally, set up iCloud integration and help people with their home networks and streaming (like Netflix or BBC TV). We can repair most high-end smart mobiles and tablets

The key thing is not to ignore a warning message. Secondly, always treat a backup as a backup  - NOT the only COPY of something - especially photos. Finally, be on your guard with online scammers - it is very rare for anyone (Spark, ASB or MICROSOFT) to contact you at home unannounced and ask for an external connection or offering help.  Call me or your preferred go-to tech for advice and even as a minimum take their number and call them back. 

And please – don’t be afraid to ask – pop in and see me if something’s troubling you – we can’t all be experts in everything – so I’m here to help with the computers, mobiles, tablets and home networks/wi-fi.    

Lastly, why did the powerpoint presentation cross the road? To get to the other slide? 


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