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Core purpose

The core purpose of the Devonport Business Association (DBA) is to help create the environment where local businesses can flourish at what they do best.

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Devonport Business Association
PO Box 32004, Devonport,
Auckland 0744

The Devonport Business Improvement District (BID) Programme

Our town centre is about people and people's needs, it has an important history and a unique community story. It provides convenience, choice, value, leisure, entertainment and a sense of place. Town centres are about place-making, and communities having ownership and a sense of belonging. Our town centre is a place of meeting and engaging, about identity and who we are. It is also about good urban design and mixed-use development that will address our growing needs.

The Business Improvement District (BID) model is proven both internationally and in New Zealand. Currently there are 48 BID Partnership Programmes, representing over 25,000 businesses operating within the Auckland region with a combined capital value of $24 Billion. The programme provides a means for local innovation and economic growth.

The Devonport BID was established by ballot in 2014. A primary focus of the BID Programme is to deliver local economic development outcomes, the approach also provides a catalyst for Business Associations to advocate to Auckland Council and contribute a business perspective for Council and Local Board policies and initiatives.

The Devonport BID or DBA is governed by a Board of elected voluntary representatives and has one contracted part time manager.

The Devonport Business Inc Board sets its own Strategic and Annual Business Plans that are critical for the operation of the BID Programme. These are approved at the AGM each year and determine the Business Association's key priorities and inform projected budget and resource allocations.

An important aspect of the BID Partnership Programme is that 100% of the BID target rate collected goes to the Business Association.

Activities that the Devonport BID Programme undertakes include:

  • Advocacy to local government and agencies
  • Business development and networking
  • Marketing, communications and promotion
  • Tourism promotion & development
  • Urban and street environment enhancement
  • Events & Campaigns


Name Company  
Dianne Hale Fleet Street Panelbeaters Chair
Sue Johnson Kevin Johnson Boat Builders Treasurer
Harriet Byrnes Vic Road Kitchen Secretary 
Lance Nixon Miller Road Fragrance Studio  
Laura Foote ECHO Designer Boutique  
Ian Cunliffe Harcourts & Co.  
Doug Cochrane Flagstaff Gallery  
Ben Walden SoulSprite Fitness  
Aidan Bennett Devonport-Takapuna Local Board Rep  

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